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-- 2 days Public Speaking and Presenting Master Class with --
Rania Ali - 6th & 7th December 2019


Public Speaking doesn’t have to be scary.  And it doesn’t have to be a “performance”.  There is another way…

Public speaking is the most common #1 phobia in today's society, and at the same time, our abilities to strongly represent ourselves are becoming more and more of a priority.


Whether we are job interviewing, pitching our startup, actively networking, or needing to lead a presentation in a boardroom or on a massive stage, confidence, clarity, and communication skills need to hit the mark.

About the Course

This specifically designed  2-day intensive master class will help conquer your fear of public speaking and to assist you in becoming a more effective communicator. It will help you develop your speaking skills with an end goal of becoming an effective speaker in all scenarios.


This Public Speaking course is tailored for small groups to help give each person the full attention they need and will equip you with the skills you  need to speak with vocal confidence, build rapport with audiences and leave lasting impressions. You will leave the workshop feeling prepared, able to manage nerves and ready to stand and deliver speeches with impact.

The public speaking course is for you if you want to: 

- Feel confident standing in front of an audience

- Develop your own unique ‘voice’ and style

- Strengthens leadership skills

- Build genuine rapport with your audience

- Express yourself with authenticity and clarity

- Speak easily and creatively – without notes

- Effectively manage nerves

- Overcome public speaking fear

- Remain composed and think clearly – even under pressure

- Get your message across powerfully and effectively in all situations

- Become an effective communicator

- Increase income potential 

Who Can Benefit?

Public speakers of all levels.
The public speaking class was designed for anyone who would like to enhance their communication skills, and engage in or prepare others for public speaking engagements, including: 

- Staff meetings

- Client meetings

- Board presentations

- Community meetings

- Investor pitches

- Industry events

- Conferences

- Key note speeches

- Panel talks

- Day to day communication

Who Should Attend?

- CEO'S, Executives / Managers
  (e.g. to communicate more effectively and persuasively with staff and clients; to inspire others;    and to promote change).

- Lawyers (e.g. to strengthen their ability to protect clients’ interests and to communicate with        ease with clients).

- Customer Services Staff (e.g. to improve customer satisfaction and experience; and to   communicate more effectively with colleagues).

- Researchers (e.g. to disseminate knowledge).

- Teachers/lecturers (e.g. to improve teaching effectiveness; and to promote positive change).

- Corporate professional from all different sectors

- Sales employees

- Students

- Aspiring presenter and public speakers 

What will the course cover?

- How to design your Content

- Structuring your speaking

- Audience engagement

- Tackling nerves and boosting confidence

- You’ll learn how to connect and interact with your audience

- Creating a visual narrative with tools like Powerpoint

- Storytelling

- Voice and body language

- Speaking on camera or with a microphone

- How to answer questions

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As a result of attending our public speaking training courses you will: ​

- Have a positive analysis of your strengths as a speaker

- Understand what to focus on to create the impact you choose

- Learn how the professionals tackle the fear of public speaking an - - eliminate stage fright

- Discover how to bring an authentic approach to public speaking

- Understand how to create special moments that the audience
   will - remember and - improve first impression

- Learn and practice techniques for structuring, creating, and telling a great story

- Learn how to use pictures and props for high impact

- Learn tools and techniques to really engage, surprise and influence the audience

- Gain confidence in presenting to a range of different audiences

- Practice creating and running a successful Q&A session with flair!

- Learn how to be a much more confident and authentic speaker 


- Enhancing your impact

- Increasing confidence and reducing stress

- Engaging and retaining people's attention

- Getting your message across

- Feeling relaxed and alert

- Sustaining professional performance 



The largest part of this course is “learning by doing”. We’ll supportyou through a series of brief practice presentations on your own subjects of knowledge and interest. Then we’ll use video replay with constructive and practical personal coaching to identify your own individual learning points

"Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85% of your success in your business and in your life." 
Brian Tracy


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