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Rania Ali The Body Shop Worldwide Premiere Launch of Elixirs of Nature

An incredible event presenting the worldwide premiere launch of a unique new fragrance collection, Elixirs of Nature.

It was a sensory expedition into the remote corners of the world. A scented journey to Amazonia, Polynesia, India, South Africa and the mountains of Switzerland. A journey into nature’s rarest and most precious aromas.

The Elixirs of Nature fragrances are authentic interpretations of 5 of the planet’s most precious and rare natural scents. Aromas that without protection, might disappear from the world altogether. Using non-destructive technology, the fragrance of each elusive rare botanical is extracted without harm, allowing them live on, just as wild as nature intended them to be.

Im in love with the body shop high quality products their amazing smell, the way they make you feel when you use them and the endless options of different scents.

Their philosophy is that looking good stems directly from feeling good, and inspires us to feel perfect just the way we are. Not only do they sell amazing products, they also make sure they sell natural, fair trade products & not tested on animals.

Thank you for an amazing experience.

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